»Welcome to China Int'l Organic & Green Food Industry Expo!
The 25th China (Shanghai)International Organic Green Food
& Ingredients Exhibition 2023
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Visitor Registration

Dear Visitors:


If you want to visit this expo, please Download This Form and Fill in it ,then bring the printed form and your 2 business cards to have a registration for getting your Visitor Badge.


The Advantage of filling in this form is easy and fast to get your visitor badges.

Meanwhile, if you need arrange Business Matching for you between you and our exhibitors, please submit this form to wendy@sbwexpo.cn. Like this, you can have a better advanced understanding for exhibitors’ exhibits which make you have a targeted understanding for this expo and exhibitor.


Welcome to visit this expo

Exhibition Time:(April 17th-19th,2019 )   9:00 a.m——16:30 p.m (for professional visitors)

Place:China International Exhibition Center(Hall 1A,Hall 1B, Hall 1-2A,Hall 1-2B,Hall 8A,Hall 8B, Hall 6,Hall 7)Address: (No. 6, Bei-San-Huan East Road, Beijing, CHINA)


From:Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co.,Ltd


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