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The 24th China (Beijing)International Organic Green Food
& Ingredients Exhibition 2020
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The 24th China (Beijing)International Organic Green Food & Ingredients Exhibition 2020
Date:April 15th-17th,2020     Venue:Beijing.China International Exhibition Center
   Address:No. 6, Bei-San-Huan East Road, Beijing, CHINA(1A/1B/1-2A/1-2B/8A/8B/6/7)
Special Support: 
EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA IN CHINA  Ministry of agriculture of the Mexico
China Organic Ecological Industry Federation
Japan Health Industry News Agency in Circulation, Shanghai branch
Chinese Cereals and Oils Association(CCOA) Beijing Food&Beverage Industry Association
China Good Agri-products Development Service Association  
Shibowei International Exhibition Group  China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine              China Health Care Nutrition Council
Korea Organic Farming Association    Beijing Continen tal Hengtong Certification Co.,ltd
Chinese Organic and Natural Food Association  Fangyuan Organic Food Certification Center
Bulelion (Beijing)Brand Planning Co., Ltd      Sino-Euro Union Inspection Certification        
Beijing ECOCERT Certification Centre Co., Ltd      Beijing CO-OPS Integrity Certification Center
Organizer: Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co., Ltd   Shibowei(Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd
Official website: http://en.gnfexpo.com/
The 24th China (Shanghai)International Organic Green Food & Ingredients Exhibition 2020
Date:September 28th-30th,2020  
Venue:Shanghai New International Expo Center
Shibowei.CIHIE.2019 was held on April 17-19 at Beijing.China International Exhibition Center(Hall1-Hall8) with 5000m²show area and 1500 standard booths.We set up 1500 standard booths,1276 exhibitors,9 national pavilions,13 domestic provincial and municipal pavilions,74262 visitors, 150 site purchasing organizations and 165 media.The 8th World Health Industry Congress was held in the same period: The theme of this conference is "Open a new era of global silver-haired economy and  seek a new future for world health industry" ,and delegates from 57 countries attended the opening ceremony and international forum. The entire exhibition effect and the advanced exhibition concept of the organizer have been unanimously recognized and praised by the enterprises, professional audiences, and have been as well praised as the "barometer of the health industry".
★Exhibition Introduction:
China International Organic Green Food & Ingredients Exhibition is the main section of Shibowei.China International Health Industry Expo which was found in 2003 (The abbreviation is Shibowei .CIHIE).Up to now, It has been successfully held for 26 times. This expo is approved by MINISTRY OF COMMERCE, PRC and jointly sponsored by China Good Agri-products Development Service Association、China Health Care Nutrition Council、China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine、China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care and  Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co., Ltd.Going through unremitting efforts of 15 years,Shibowei. CIHIE is developing from the original 80 booths to the current 2800 more booths、from 2000m²show areas to 80.000m² show areas、from 60 exhibitors to 2800 exhibitors, from a single China to the current 50 countries in the world and from 2000 visitors to the current 10.0000 visitors;This expo has been appraised as "National Key Guidance and Support Exhibition" for many years. Also,China International Organic Green Food & Ingredients Exhibition got the great supports of 13 countries at home and abroad and 17 domestic provinces and cities governments as industry key successful event.
★Platform Advantage
1、We only focus on the big health exhibition for 15 years and vigorously promote Chinese healthy industry development which is a high quality platform for enterprises to seek business opportunities, create an international brand image and strongly move towards the global market.
2、We successfully held The 26th CIHIE and The 8th World Health Industry Conference:mutual promotion between the exhibitions and conferences;
3、Annual exhibition area of more than 80,000 square meters,2800 domestic and foreign exhibitors, 100,000 professional buyer&visitors;
4、Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu -Three stations detonated the commanding point of national market;
5、We created 650,000m²accumulative total show areas to make this brand banquet in health industry;
6、Serve 15000 exhibitors from 60 countries,‘specialized, so trusted’;
7、The accumulative total number of visitors was over RMB1100,000 and the huge visitors database is the business opportunity Library;
8、The accumulative volume of trade is nearly RMB15 billion which brought a substantial economic benefit for the enterprise;
★Advantages for Creation of Health Event:
1.Data resources: 
After 15 years of precipitation, Shibowei.CIHIE nearly establish one million of high-quality professional buyers database. According to the characteristics, regional characteristics and exhibitor's needs, it will precisely orientate, invite and match the relevant purchasers and agents to expand the sales channels for the exhibitors. We set up the characteristic of exhibition area, hold a special meeting 
to attract investment and projects, set up the purchasing meeting and link up with the resources of all concerned parties for major projects in group location.
2.High-end experts and community resources:
"World Health Industry Conference" was successfully held for 8 times, and attracted the attention of many Chinese national leaders.Meanwhile,many heads of state sent their congratulation wishes. Every year,“Shibowei.CIHIE” attract many local and foreign experts of health industry to deliver speech and constantly strengthen and enrich their database knowledge. As participants at this event, there are the governments, trade associations, business associations, economic federations, foreign chambers of commerce, embassies in China, etc... all maintain close contact and partnership relations.We provide the following services for exhibitors such as resource docking, media interview docking, business matching, channel docking to Beijing, e-commerce docking, expert docking, investigation docking, financing docking, evaluation & listing of origin docking,evaluation docking, product positioning consulting, marketing consultation, etc....
3.Advantages of Media Matrix Publicity
 Publicity preheating before this expo starts, Interviewing during exhibition, Tracking and reporting after this expo.
Multi-Channel promotion: Xinhua network, phoenix, Sina, Sohu, today's headlines and other 120 online media; CCTV, Beijing TV and major local radio stations; YOUKU, IQIYI, Tencent and other online video; China Food newspaper, health times and other media; Wechat public platform and other self-media. Through the exhibition trade platform, it will continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the formation of a unique strong brand and enhance the recognition of enterprises in the minds of consumers
★Schedule for Beijing Exhibition:
Raw Space : April 13 -14, 2020 (2 days)            8:00am-17:00pm
Standard Booth: April 14,2020(1 day)           8:00am-21:00pm
Exhibition Time: April 15-17,2020(3 days)        9:00am-17:00pm
Move-out Time: April 17,2020                  14:00pm-21:00pm
★Visitor Profile
1、The national government offices, enterprises and institutions, China Logistics Department of General Administration of Sport, Embassies in China and foreign enterprises groups, foreign buyers, import and export trading companies, domestic large enterprises, food production and processing bases, industry associations and  professional buyers of media cooperation organization etc;
2、Large health-care institutions, E-commerce on-line shop, Shopping center just for organic food , show and sale center of organic food , agents, dealers, traders, etc;
3、Large supermarkets : Wal-mart, Carrefour, Wu-mart, Hua lian, Merry-mart, Century Mart, Trust-mart, Auchan, Lotus, Ht-store, Beijing Carrefour, Metro, Cathay Pacific Department Store, Liqun Shop, JIAN-MART, 2688, tootoo.cn, DUHUB etc), organic food stores, chain and business counters, gift shop, community chain supermarkets and convenience stores, etc;
4、Star hotels, business clubs, bars, entertainment venues, western restaurant, clubs, holiday village, rest home and other important group purchasing units etc;
5、Colleges and universities、Exclusive schools、Private schools、 International kindergartens around the country;
★Exhibit Scope:
Special settings: Regional Brand Image Exhibition Area Of Province & City &Country Pavilion、National Key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization Area
Organic Food Area:
1.Organic Food&Organic Conversion Food: Organic rice&grains,vegetables&fruits,Organic raw materials and semi-prepared products,Organic dairy products,Organic seafood products,Organic baby food,Organic meat product,Organic tourism food, organic functional food,Organic convenience food,Organic frozen food,Organic baby food,Organic snack food(dried fruit, candy and chocolate, etc.)
2.Organic Drinks:Organic tea, Organic coconut products,Organic honey products,Organic high-end oil (olive oil, palm oil etc.),Organic fruit juice and soft drinks,Organic coffee,Organic bottled water,Organic wine&beer&fruit wine& white wine,&rice wine, etc. 
3.Organic Condiment: Herbs, Natural spices, Spicy condiments,Soy sauce vinegar,Gourmet powder&Chicken flavor,Blend oil,Seasoning wine,Compound seasoning series etc.
4.Organic Medicinal Herbs: Gastrodia, Pueraria,Ginseng,Saffron,Moringa Seed,other organic medicinal herbs;
5.Organic food additives and ingredients: food additives, food ingredients, plant extracts, functional food ingredients, food processing aids etc;
Organic Products Area:
1.Organic ingredients and fragrances products
2.Organic cotton product;
3..Natural cosmetics and personal care products;
4. Natural fibers and textiles products;
Green food: Rice flour, Soybean oil &Cereals, Dehydrated food, Meat, Game, (meat) juice, Aquatic products, Canned foods, Pickled and dried fruits and products, Dried vegetables, Eggs, Dairy products, Edible oil, Sauce and Fruit products, Spices, drinks, Green agriculture, green agricultural products etc
Others: Ecological food,Ecological Origin Protection Products,Se-enriched Foods,Geographical Indication Products,Time-Honored Brand etc.
Green food: Rice flour, Soybean oil &Cereals, Dehydrated food, Meat, Game, (meat) juice, Aquatic products, Canned foods, Pickled and dried fruits and products, Dried vegetables, Eggs, Dairy products, Edible oil, Sauce and Fruit products, Spices, drinks, Green agriculture, green agricultural products etc
Others: Ecological food,Ecological Origin Protection Products,Se-enriched Foods,Geographical Indication Products,Time-Honored Brand, Food packaging machinery, Food packaging products.etc.
High-end Food Ingredients Show Area:
High-end meat ingredients: High-end beef and mutton 、High-end pork、Frozen / chilled meat、Meat rolls、Burger;Ham、Sausage、Prepared food and instant food;
High-end seafood:Seafood frozen goods、Dry goods、Live goods、Aquatic product、Marine products、Conditioning products、Processed products and instant seafood products
High-end catering condiments:Edible oil、Sugar、Gourmet powder、Chicken essence 、Soy sauce、Vinegar、Sauces、 Soup blend、Seasoning wine,Spices and condiments(Pepper、Chinese red pepper、Dry pepper、Aniseed、Fennel、Mustard、Cinnamon、Ginger、Ginger Powder、Caoguo,Saffron etc),Compound condiment,CHAFFY DISH CONDIMENT etc;
High-end fast food;Instant Rice、instant soup、Instant snack、Instant porridge、Conditioning pack etc;
Other high-end ingredients:High-end wine、Dairy products(Cheese, milk, etc)、Import high-end snack foods (biscuits / pastries / candies / chocolates / nuts etc)、preserved fruits、Tea Drinks、Food additives、Food ingredients、Food processing aids、Medicinal and edible herbs etc. 
★About Exhibitor
1.Exhibitors should have a Business License within the validity period of production and operation or other related documents of approval about exhibits .The above scanned documents will be submitted to the organizer for checking them.
2.After the approval of the audit, the exhibitors should submit the《Application and Contract Form.》(The application form should be clearly filled in the required booth type, size and expected booth location), then mail or fax the form with the signatures and official seal to the organizer..
3.After receiving this application form, the organizer need open booth confirmation letter and payment invoice to the exhibitors in 3 working days.
4.The exhibitors should make full payment or 50% into the account of organizer according to the invoice in 7 working days.Otherwise, the organizing committee has the rights to cancel your participation. Booth Distribution Principle: apply first, Paid first, confirm first
Organizing Committee:Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd
Address: No.69, Chao yang District, Chao yang Road, Beijing, China   
Post Code: 100123
Contact: Ms.Wendy Wei
Mob: 86-15810310934(WeChat )


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