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International Organic and Green Food Industry Expo 2017&The 5th Health Industry Business Matching

Merchant program


'CIHIE-International Organic and Green Food Industry Expo ' abbreviation 'CIHIE-Organic Expo', after the first successful Expo in Beijing since 2004, this great fair of the health industry has been held for 20 times, in Beijing, Shanghai and Changchun. CIHIE Organic Expo was started from the health food, after ten years continuous development and integration with the health Industry, it has been become a diversified exhibition, now we have products all over the health industry, such like: healthy Food, Beverage, Oil, organic Food, air&water Purifier, pension Services and home medical health care recovery Products & Instrument. From 2012 to 2013, CIHIE Organic Expo has been evaluated as the 'National Strongly Supported Expo' by the MOC; in 2012 WHIC has earned the 'High-end Fair Award' from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development; in 2013 SBW Exhibition Group has been evaluated as the 'Sponsors 2013' by the Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office of the People's Government of Beijing.

As the solo organizer of CIHIE Organic Expo, Beijing SBW Expo Co. Ltd has always committed to build the largest health industry professional exhibition platform since 2003, after ten years accumulation and sharpening, we now has a set of marketing model on Exhibition development suited, a long and close collaboration between industry associations, a broad customer network, an accurate database and stable marketing capability. We always adhere to the core value: 'People-oriented, respect oriented, customer first, reputation first', we have trained a group of Elite members, which are good at the int'l market, they own innovative spirit and deep understanding of the market needs. In our staff's group(60+ people), 70% have college or higher education level and years of work experience, student studying abroad and master's educated people accounted for 22%, divided in Departments: organization, planning, publicity, marketing, sales and customer service, they all work for our most great vision: 'World Class Expo, Internationalization Reputation'.


International Organic and Green Food Industry Expo  &The 5th Health Industry Business Matching (abbreviation 'CIHIE.HIBM')is organized by Shibowei CIHIE Organic ExpoCommittee, it's an integrated platform for the purchase, exchange, trade, agency between the exhibitors and the buyers. April 2013, the first HIBM debut in China International Exhibition Center Hall 2,we invited 12 supermarket as: Wumei,Hualian,Liqun,Wowotuan,Aolifangyuan,Tuotuogongshe, and 40 distributors and agents, this laid a solid foundation for future development of HIBM. April 2014, the 2nd HIBM debut again, relatively to the 1st HIBM, we invited more targeted buyers, they are exhibitors and products oriented, this boost the further development of the HIBM.

On basis of the 4 previous HIBM, on 17th April 2017, we are going to hold the 5th HIBM. Draw on the successful experience of previous activities, and fully compensate for deficiencies, we will accurate analysis the needs of the exhibitors, precisely target the exhibitor products, as well as the desires of the agents and distributors. At the same time, the HIBM will strengthen the invitation of the professional buyers and sales agents, our professional customer service team will try their best in the one on one services, and we have build our online Merchants website, it's a online health products platform, for our Exhibitors and Buyers.

3、Significance of events

From the perspective of the exhibitors, the fundamental purpose of participate the exhibition is to find better distributors and agents to reach the goal of sale. From the perspective of the buyers, visit the exhibition is to find a better partner to meet their needs . For the exhibition organizers, not only to meet the purpose of participating exhibitors , but also to meet the needs of visitors to effectively improve the visibility and reputation of the exhibition , so that the exhibition will be able to make more long-term healthy development. Purchase Conference held just to meet the requirements of exhibitors and buyers, and provides a discussion platform for communication, buyers and exhibitors can be matched to meet face-to-face with the purchase and sale of both supply and demand needs.

The Organizing Committee will arrange one-one full-time customer service tracking services , which will be directed according to the needs of exhibitors and match buyers as much as possible to ensure that each exhibitors and buyers can find partners to meet their purchase needs; exhibitors can find the right distributors and agents, in order to achieve the core purpose of the two sides to form a win-win situation for both sides.

4、Date and venue:

Date: 11:30 AM Apr.17th- 16:30 PM Apr.17th,2017

Venue: Beijing·China International Exhibition Center(The old exhibition center in San yuan qiao)

5、Site distribution

In order to further strengthen professionalism and targeted matching activities , the third CIHIE• HIBM will be divided into six regions throughout the event. Including: comprehensive purchase area , healthy edible oil and olive oil purchase area, healthy drinking water and drinks purchase area, organic green purchase area, nutrition and health product purchase area, medical equipment and rehabilitation purchase area.

Comprehensive Purchase Area: integrated agency focused on the health industry organizations and agencies, including the Comprehensive supermarkets, luxury hotels, entertainment clubs , government agencies, and so on.

Nutritional Health Food Purchase Area: mainly for its nutritional show all exhibitors , procurement sources, including hospitals, pharmacies, nutrition and health products to join the organization , gifts, electricity suppliers and supermarkets, high-end clubs , government agencies , and other health food agency ; procurement include : nutrition , health food, health food.

Medical Equipment and Rehabilitation Purchase Area: mainly for its medical devices and rehabilitation supplies exhibition of all exhibitors , procurement sources, including large hospitals, pharmacies, joining the agency , pension services , distribution and other agencies; purchase items include: medical equipment, home medical care, geriatric rehabilitation care, pension services and products, air and water purification equipment.

Health Edible Oil and Olive Oil Purchase Area: mainly for its high-end all exhibitors show healthy edible oil, edible oil trading companies , including sourcing , olive oil agency, gifts, and other imported food agency; procurement include various health eating oil , olive oil, import and export of high-end food and snack foods .

Healthy Drinking Water and Beverages Purchase Area: all exhibitors mainly for its high-end health drinks and drinking water development , procurement sources, including supermarkets, electricity providers, high-end clubs , hotels, beverage distributors and agencies , etc ; procurement include : Health drinking water, health drinks , tea, and other fine health .

Organic Green Purchase Area : all exhibitors focused its organic green food development , procurement sources, including electricity suppliers , supermarkets, restaurant, organic food agency , chain institutions ; procurement include : organic food, green food , a variety of organic products.

6、Target audience group

The main buyers source: distributors, agents, pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers and retailers, franchisees, gift companies, electricity suppliers and supermarkets, high-end clubs, hotels, trading companies, chain organizations.

7、Publicity and Promotion Channel

Pre-event publicity activities is a very important role in this success of event. This activity will be through the company's official website, the project website, online canvass business platform, major portals and other channels of soft article reports and pre-show advertising to strengthen the propaganda of activity itself and raise awareness. And thus more favorable for the participants.

The official website of company and the project:set up purchasing docking assembly zone in the official website of company and the project, showing activity time, place, process and other details. Through the company's internal Web site to complete the activity itself strengthened, in order to attract more exhibitors and agencies and to achieve building professional exchange trading platform.

B2B Online canvass business platform:In order to achieve the line exhibitions and online canvass business simultaneously, a comprehensive upgrade of the organizing committee has began on the exhibition. Shibowei Organic expo as a comprehensive online promotion platform is on the line, those new customers who participate in this exhibition as well as customers of previous exhibition can free use the available online platform for free publicity. At the same time, it will show all the high-quality resources of decades synchronous updates on the site, you can get more benefits than the current exhibition, too.

Soft article reports:In the previous exhibition, the organizing committee used the accumulated media resources over the years on the show itself a wide range of publicity. Now the exhibition will use the same way, and with more quality media resources for all the publicity, procurement butt Assembly simultaneously, news and information dissemination activities by the major portals, attract more buyers and sellers to raise the overall quality activities.

Hardware advertising:Before the show, the organizing committee will through radio, elevator advertising, bus advertising and other forms of light show for promotion, procurement butt Assembly simultaneously, full publicity to raise awareness and influence activities.

8、Activity Flow

Remark:The above activities are tentatively planning process flow, if activities have any discrepancy, the actual shall prevail.

9、Purchasers high-reward policy

The work that was done by the organizers, which can better satisfy all the related buyers' needs of purchasing, at the meantime the buyers can enjoy the extra reward policy provide by organizers,then

implement double corp for purchasing and reward.Welcome all the enterprise with purchasing requisition to actively take part in!

Reward 1:Buyers who participated in the business matching, organizers will accordingly help promote the enterprise through the exhibition catalogue, tickets, exhibition website etc.

Reward 2:Buyers who participated in the business matching,have chance to get the souvenir provided by the organizers.

Reward 3:Buyers who participated in the business matching,the organizing committee will provide two days free working lunch.

Reward 4:The buyers completed a certain amount of purchasing target at this activity,organizers will give a certain amount of purchase subsidy, specific rules as below:(Completing business matching with exhibitor will look as effective procurement procurement plan,The organizer shall have the right to research and audit the result of buyers' purchase,buyers must give the organizer to understand and cooperate with,organizers of this activity final interpretation of all)

The standards of subsidy:1.After the audit, organizer will offer 500 RMB as the purchase subsidy to the buyers who completed the cumulative implementation procurement of 5,000~20,000 RMB one month after the event;2.After the audit, organizer will offer 1000 RM as the purchase subsidy to the buyers who completed the cumulative implementation procurement of 20,000~50,000 RMB one month after the event;3.After the audit, organizer will offer 3000 RM as the purchase subsidy to the buyers who completed the cumulative implementation procurement of 50,000~100,000 RMB one month after the event;4.After the audit, organizer will offer 5000 RM as the purchase subsidy to the buyers who completed the cumulative implementation procurement above 100,000 RMB one month after the event.

Reward 5:Organizers will provide 1 tickets for The 4th World Health Industry Conference (worth 2500 RMB) to the procurement unit or individual participate in this activities, only for the organization leadership.

Regard 6:Buyers who participated in the business matching, have the opportunity to attend the opening ceremony of 18th CIHIE,seats are limited, approval by the superior of organizer.

Regard 7:After the audit,the buyers make an order more than 50,000 RMB during the activity will have the opportunities to apply for participating in the next show for free.

Regard 8:Institutions who participated in the business matching, the organizers will provide the exhibitor info for the nearly two editions of event, for a continuation of the business match after the expo.

In this activity, the organizers will follow to the values of "people-oriented, respect as the key

link, credit for the first motto" , to set up a professional procurement trade platform for all the exhibitors and buyers, do what we can do let all the exhibitors and buyers return with fruitful results. This is significance and value why we hold this activity.


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