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Pure & Eco India is India’s only publication focusing on the Organics sector in the country. The quarterly renders research-supported business statistics and insights on the Indian Organic Industry. It serves as a reference point for the organic industry in India, as well as, the global organic industry at large. – India’s only Organic Directory & Organic awareness portal
eSvasa is India’s largest Online Organic food & health resource. We focus on helping businesses connect with each other, helping businesses reach out to their niche organic consumer audience, and we also aid consumers with where to buy organic – all through India’s only Organic Yellow Pages. 
With continuous verifications and updating, our subscribers can stay connected with the nearest organic stores/ suppliers, organic brands, online stores or even cafes all over India. We are continuing with the huge task of providing authentic information and organizing the fluid & scattered organic community. 
Vandana Sudhakar Dutt & Suruchi Ailawadi
The eSvasa Team
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Twitter handle: @esvasaindia
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Riceoutlook is one of the best rice magazine. It is pretty good to see to have started the Magazine.
Circulation: 3000 copies will be circulated to :
•Rice Industry Millers, Professionals and Decisions Makers
•Top Rice Buyers Globally
•Scientists working on Rice
•Agriculture Universities
•Industry Specific Events

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