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Participation procedures:

1、 Exhibitors received invitation letter and choose the booth;
2、 Fill in application form with the seal,then fax or email to the organizing committee;
3、 After checking applicant's qualifications and confirm booth,fax or email booth confirmation letter to the exhibitors;

4、 The exhibitors make booth payment to the organizing committee,Choose one way of payment from the following ways:
一、100% in advance In 15 working days after the contract
二、50% between 7 working days after the contracts and rest 50% in one month before the opening day of this show.
Please forward your bank transfer notice to us after payment.

5、 After receiving payment from exhibition, the organizing committee have to open proforma invoice to this exhibitors;

6、About shipment,you can use appointed shipment company of organzing committee,meanwhile,you also can cooperate with appointed the shipment company by you.but please once finish payment of booth,you will contact with shipment company to know your shipment arrangement and prepare some necessary document in time.

7、 In one month before this expo starts, the organizing committee email exhibitor manual 
to the exhibitors;
8、 The exhibitors bring Exhibitors registration form to register in the exhibition spot to get exhibitor cards.








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