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Visitors from: the standard is (professional, huge, accurate, high-end purchasing group).

1、The national government offices, enterprises and institutions, Logistics Department of General Administration of Sport .China,Embassies in China and foreign enterprises groups, foreign buyers,Import and Export trading companies,domestic large enterprises,Food production and processing bases,industry associations and  professional buyers of media cooperation organization etc;
2、large health-care institutions, e-commerce on-line shop,  Shopping center just for organic food , show and salling center of organic food , agents, dealers, traders, etc
3、Large supermarkets (such as wal-mart, carrefour,Wumart, hualian, Merrymart,Century Mart, trust-mart, Auchan,Lotus, Ht-store, Beijing Jingkelong , Metro, Cathay Pacific Department Store, liqun shop, JIAN-MART, 2688,, DUHUB etc), organic food stores, chain and business counters, gift shop, community chain supermarkets and convenience stores, etc
4、Star hotel, business clubs, bars, places of entertainment, western restaurant,  clubs, holiday
village,resthome and other important group purchasing units etc

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