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Thai Pavilion will be shown in Shanghai expo again

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Core prompt:Thai Pavilion will be shown in Shanghai expo Thailand is the sixth of the world& 39;s rice production, 40-45 perc

Thai Pavilion will be shown in Shanghai expo.

Thailand is the sixth of the world's rice production, 40-45 percent of productivity exports to the world market; more than half of the volumes are high quality rice (Somporn et al.). Thailand is a large exporter of the world, each year export rice at least 7 million ton, the important export market are Africa, America, Hong Kong and China.

Have you heard about Thai Jasmine Rice?

It has great health benefit for anti-allergen, including: rich of fiber in the rice excretion and lipid absorption, mineral component as iron and copper for blood nourishing that appropriate to woman in period menstruation and person with anemia. Moreover, it has most benefit for skin, support working of nervous system, and to control of blood sugar for diabetes patient

泰国的英文商业名称 Jasmine Rice(茉莉香米),泰语音译为:Hom Mali (意为:香茉莉)。 最好的泰国香米主要出产于泰国东北部,尤其以黎逸府(Roi Et)、乌汶府(Ubon Ratchathani)、武里南府(Burirum)、四色菊、素辇府、益梭通府等地为多。     泰国香稻只有在原产地才能表现出最好的品质。这是因为那里具有特殊的生长条件,尤其是香稻扬花期间,那里凉爽的气候,明媚的日光,及水稻灌浆期间土壤中渐渐降低的湿度,对香味的产生及积累,起到非常重要的作用

Now let let introduce Thai pavilion for shanghai expo which will be held on August 17th-19th,2016 at SNIEC Shanghai.


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